Dear Snowbird,

It's about time we do something fun, just for you. For us. The past 16 months have been pretty tough. I know. I thought we understood enough about loss, pain, and grief. Nothing has been so permanent as this. Nothing has left this kind of unrefillable hole. Breakups are hard, they really are. It's terrifying when someone chooses to leave you or hurt you on purpose. We've gotten over breakups, though. Perhaps too hastily, without thinking it through, we've tried to patch up those holes with new loves. We made those choices, though, and lived through the consequences. 

But death—

You can try to blame yourself all you want, but honestly, dearest, you have absolutely no control over anyone else's life or death. Death can't kiss and make up. Death is so, so final. 

It all just slips away

It always slips away, eventually...


It's easier for me

to get closer to heaven than

ever feel whole again

You're right. It does feel that way. 

I don't get what the big deal is about listening to "depressing" music. I was depressed long before I ever heard a Cure song. Cure songs are like prettier versions of the thoughts that already keep me awake at night. Listening to the songs is, like, THIS MAKES SENSE NOW. And it's not just me. I thought it was just me... for so long I thought "what is everyone else happy about?" 

And no one likes to be around you if you're sad, right? All they do is try to "fix" it. And if that doesn't work, they take it personally, like you've made them sad. And then you have to fix THEM. By pretending to be happy. So you can earn their love. 

A prayer for something better

Please love me Meet my mother...

Right. But look, sweetie, look. No one can stop us. We're doing a Cure project now, and we're going to acknowledge that dark part of us that still hasn't gone away. We're going to do something purely for the fun of it, and we are going to be proud of it and tell other people about it, without worrying about what any of the grown-ups think. Let's get creative, and build a little shrine to The Cure. 

And follow me to where the real fun is

Ah ha ha